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TOP 10 Best Home Decor Ideas With Area Rugs And Round Mats

TOP 10 Best Home Decor Ideas With Area Rugs And Round Mats

We all love to make changes to our home - the place we spend most of our time and decorating them makes us happy because it gives a new and refreshing look to familiar places. Area rugs and mats can be very helpful when it comes to home decorations, and they are surely wise investments to breathe new life into your house. 

However, selecting the right rugs or mats for your home space can be difficult sometimes. Don't worry, today, let Camellia Print share with you TOP 10 best home decor ideas with area rugs and round mats in 2021.

1. Gym Fitness The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes Area Rug

If you are a gym lover and love working out, this area rug is a must-have item for your home space. It may give you more energy and motivation to achieve the perfect body that you wish. 

2. Yoga I'm Mostly Peace, Love And Light Area Rug

If you are a yoga lover and love practicing yoga to find your inner peace, this area rug may be a perfect item for your house, assisting you in your healing process.

3. Stay Wild Gypsy Child Area Rug

If the decor theme for your home is Bohemian or Gypsy or Hippie, which all emphasize the individualist and creative spirit existing in all of us, this area rug is such an ideal choice to fill in the space. 

    4. A Home Without A Cat Is Just A House Area Rug

    This area rug is surely a must-have item for cat lovers.

    5. Hippie On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair Area Rug

    The house of a free-spirited owner should also have this hippie van area rug, which is just perfect.

    6. Personalized Come To The Wood Rest Camping Living Room Round Mat

    If you love nature and camping then this is a perfect round mat for your home decoration. You can also have your name customized, making the mat one-of-a-kind.

    7. Ew People Cute Cats Pawprints Living Room Round Mat

    A round mat with cute cats will surely blow all fatigue away and make you feel happy when coming back home after a hard-working day.

    8. Personalized I Love My German Shepherd Living Room Round Mat

    And what about a round mat on which you can have your beloved pet like dog or cat printed? It is definitely a unique and one-of-a-kind item for your home decor.

    9. Personalized Tattoo Studio Living Room Round Mat 

    If you love tatoos and gothic patterns, this round mat is a must-have to decorate your home. You can also have your name and year customized on the mat which is just perfect for your living space.

    10. Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying Darts Funny Living Room Round Mat

    How about a round mat with funny and motivational quotes like the one below?

    3 simple tips to select the right area rug and round mat

    So we have explored TOP 10 best home decor ideas with area rugs and round mats. If you still find it hard to select the "Mr. Right" rug or mat for your home, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

    1. Room Traffic: You should determine the kind of materials for the area rug or round mat based on whether the room is highly frequented or less used. Sturdy materials like wool work best for areas in the home with high foot traffic, the hallways for example. Meanwhile, bedrooms are likely to have low traffic so the material choice is also wider.

    2. Color and Pattern Choice(s): Area rugs and round mats usually have a wide variety of colors and patterns, styles and types. The color and pattern of the rug or mat should be chosen based on the existing color and design palette of the room you want to fill in with them. So if the room has a lot of color already, then a solid or neutral colored area rug would be the best choice to bring balance. Similarly if it is a neutral room, you can always fill in with a patterned fine area rug or round mat.

    3. Home Decoration Frequency: You should also keep in mind how often you update the room decoration - whether you are all about seasonal interiors regularly changing your home decor, or more timeless and classic. This will help a great deal in choosing the right rug design.

    And lastly, area rugs and round mats need to be protected from wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic, as well as potential slips. The use of a rug pad is one of the best ways to ensure your rug's durability and prevent accidents. The pad serves as a foundation to your rug, adding a comfortable layer so the rug is more cushioned and also protects the underside of you precious rug.

    Area rugs and round mats are truly the ideals for your home decor, and  Camellia Print is proud to provide a wide variety of area rugs and round mats with the best print quality. We strongly believe that our area rugs and round mats will breathe new life into your house and even more. 

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    We also do custom for all of our area rugs and round mats, so should you have an personalized idea, or should you have any further questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via email: support@camelliaprint.com