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Using Sticker for Decoration -Top 3 Best Decorating Ideas With Decal Stickers

Using Sticker for Decoration -Top 3 Best Decorating Ideas With Decal Stickers

We all love to make changes to our home - the place we spend most of our time, or to our vehicle which we use everyday. Decorating them makes us happy because it gives a new and refreshing look to familiar places and things. If you are finding inspiration for your home decor or car decor, today, let Camellia Print share with you TOP 3 best decorating ideas with decal stickers in 2021.

Why decal stickers?

Vinyl decal stickers are getting more and more popular for decoration these days because of their aesthetics, diversity, reasonable prices and versatility. You can easily and quickly decorate your home or car with a wide variety of decal stickers in all kinds of themes, which allows you to be creative and freely express yourself.

And what if you want to redecorate your house or your car with another theme? You just simply remove the old decal stickers and apply new ones, without any worries about damages to the wall, car door or car window. Using decal stickers is truly the most economical but wonderful way for home decor and car decor.

You can see tips and tricks to remove decal stickers here.

Brighten your house with wall decor decals and cute stickers

When decorating their home, people usually focus on furniture or painting, but they rarely consider wall makeover which is a lot cheaper. A wall decal surely makes our home more lively and interesting.

Compared to paintings or furniture, a wall decal not only costs a lot less, but it is also easier to install as well as remove in case you want to change to another theme for your home, within just a short amount of time. This would not be that simple for wall painting or furniture.
                  Dolphin Crack Wall Decal for those who love the ocean
Fitness Wall Decal for gymers or to motivate yourself to work out more. More wall decals here
Not only wall decals, you could also try Cute Golden With Bone Crack Decal Sticker For Fridge Decor, which may make you happier, or give you more energy when looking for food or drink in the fridge after a long day working. 
Or you could also try Funny Black Cat Decal Sticker For Toilet Decor to make your bathroom much more interesting and maybe surprise your guests

Refresh your car door with funny animal decal stickers

If you want to refresh your car, or if there is a scratch on your car door, then a decal sticker would be really useful and economical as well. Here are some funny animal car decal stickers for you.

Funny Pitbull To All My Haters Quotes Car Decal Sticker For Dog Lovers

Funny Cat To All My Haters Car Decal Sticker For Cat Lovers

Or maybe Funny Pitbull Dog Car Decal Sticker For Rear Window Wiper to make your car more interesting. Explore more car decals here.

Make your car outstanding on the streets with crack window decals

If you want your car to be outstanding on the streets, a crack window decal is an ideal choice. Surely all eyes would be on your car even if it’s not a supercar. Here are some good choices for crack window decals

Funny Golden Crack Window Car Decal Sticker For Dog Lovers

Funny Cat Crack Window Car Decal Sticker For Cat Lovers

Cute Cat Yawning Crack Window Car Decal Sticker For Cat Lovers

Tuxedo Cat Crack Window Car Decal Sticker For Cat Lovers

How to apply decal stickers with only 4 simple steps

Step 1: Clean the surface

It is important to clean all the dirt on the chosen surface (wall, car door, car window,..) before applying a vinyl decal since a clean surface allows you to stick the decal more properly and beautifully. 

Tips: You can use alcohol or soap & water to remove dirt better and make sure the surface is dry before you place the decal.

Step 2: Position the decal

It is necessary to know where and how the decal sticker should be placed precisely because you surely don’t want the decal to be tilted, especially with wall decals which are usually big. 

Tips: You can use your ruler and pencil if necessary. A strip of masking tape can be useful to hold the decal in place.

Step 3: Stick the decal

Peel off the backing paper from the top of the decal sticker slowly and carefully to avoid tearing, then stick the decal on the surface.

Tips: You should peel off a part of the decal (about 1/3 of it) and stick to the surface instead of removing it all at once. This will make it easier for you to manage the decal and apply it smoothly.

Step 4: Use a credit card to finish application

Use a credit card and press firmly on the decal from top to bottom so as to stick it well and avoid air bubbles which may appear between the surface and the decal. If you used masking tape to position your decal, you can remove it at this step.Watch the instructional video to apply a crack decal sticker

Decal stickers are truly the ideals for your home decor and car decor, and  Camellia Print is proud to provide a wide variety of decal stickers with the best print quality. We strongly believe that our decals will breathe new life into your house, your car and even more. 

Let’s refresh your home and your car now with our best-selling decal stickers. SHOP NOW

We also do custom decal stickers, so should you have an idea, or should you have any further questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via email: support@camelliaprint.com